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Spunky Tells All

for ages 8-11
illustrated by Lauren Castillo

spunky book-coverSpunky Tells All is the tenth book in the series of books about the Bates family that begins with The Stories Julian Tells.  The family is familiar, but the narrator is new—unique:  he’s the family dog, Spunky, who offers a hilarious and touching perspective on the family and his life.

spunky and fionaSpunky is a middle-aged, serious dog, --a thinking dog, a dog with some troubles. His humans-- Ralph and Michelle, and their sons Julian and Huey — don’t speak his language. Even worse, they don’t realize that smells are the center of life’s meaning. Worst of all, they think that Spunky wants a new companion — a cat! 

Spunky lying downThus arrives in Spunky’s life the aristocratic Balinese Fiona-- snobbish, supremely sure of herself and absolutely incompetent — who, to his astonishment, gives him a life purpose and a new way of looking at his world.

Click here to read an excerpt from Spunky Tells All.

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